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Genesis Church of Upland

Wherever you are on your journey,
Whoever you are or have become,

there is space for you here.

  • Live by Faith

  • Be known for Love

  • Sound a voice for Hope

Genesis could be described as a family on a journey. ​


We are a small community deeply rooted in the Message of Jesus. We are a diverse group of people with different interests, backgrounds, cultures, and even political ideologies.


We each have our passions and pursuits.​ At our core, you will find a common thread. We desire to grow together by keeping the Message of Jesus - sacrificial love, grace, and truth - above our many differences. ​


We hope to inspire one another to change the world by effectively living in the way of Jesus.​


Some of us are deconstructing and rebuilding. Some of us are asking questions and adapting. Some are more progressive, others more traditional. Whomever you are and wherever you are in life, you are welcome here. You don't have to believe like us to belong to us.You don't have to agree with us to be with us.


creative * restorative * curious * forward-thinking​


The best way to understand and learn about any community is to experience it on a relational level. Statements of Faith can tell you what a community claims to believe, but they cannot tell you who they are.


If you’d like to discover who we are at Genesis, please come to one of our gatherings (or, if you'd prefer, one of our "Virtual Services"). ​Thanks for visiting us here. Please poke around, and get in touch if you have any questions!

Praying Together
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