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Those who fail to recognize the value of people, will fail to represent Jesus Christ.

Sam Scotti

Ladies and Gentlemen, Pastor Sam Scotti

Sam Scotti is an every-man. He is a husband, dad, grandpa, and dog trainer. He likes tacos and loves a good binge-watch - all in moderation, of course. He listens to good music and plays a mean guitar. 

He also happens to be a forward-thinking visionary, who is a prolific speaker with a deep love for the things of God, and the message of Jesus.

It is this combination that makes him a beloved pastor. He's seen a lot, been through a lot, and still manages to see the world with fresh eyes. He has a knack for loving people through their troubles while providing a God-drenched perspective. He speaks with humility and wisdom.

Even more than communicating gospel truth and love, Sam leads Genesis with an emphasis on practical living in the way of Jesus - loving people as they are, while wanting their greatest good - a life in relationship with their Maker.

Pastor Sam Scotti of Genesis Church

Sam is the founding pastor at Genesis. Since 2008, he has served as the pastor of vision and teaching. You can hear his messages on our podcasts or watch him on our YouTube channel. You can also join our Live Stream on Sunday mornings at 10 am, or Wednesday evenings at 7 pm.

Sam lives with his beautiful family here in Upland, CA.

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